Gun Violence

Oh, the Places You’ll Go Where You Won’t Get Shot!

Apologies to Dr. Seuss


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


Today is your day!

You’re off to Great Places!

You’re off and away!

You have brains in your head

Unless you get shot

But it’s okay

You’ll get a prayer and a thought

You’ll look up and down streets

Look ’em over with care

It really doesn’t matter

Stay here or go there

Wherever you head

With your feet in your shoes

There’s a pretty good chance

Your life you will lose

Perhaps you meander to a wide-open space

You still might find a gun in your face

Oh, the places you’ll go where you won’t get shot!

It saddens me to say there are not a lot

We can’t go to church

Or the mall

Or the store

We can’t even go to school anymore

But when things start to happen

When the bullets fly by

Don’t worry

Don’t stew

Remember it’s not just happening to you

You’ll become a statistic

Written down in a book

Tucked away in a nook

Oh, the places you’ll go where you won’t get shot!

Except the park or the doctor

There just aren’t a lot

It isn’t the guns!

The GOP screams

It’s the doors, it’s the music, it’s the gaming, it’s memes

Bring God back to school

Ban saying gay

And gun violence will just go away

Oh, the places you’ll go where you won’t get shot!

Not the park or the beach

Whether an adult or a tot

We’re pro-life! Ted Cruz bellows

Well, except about guns

He cooked bacon on one

What a fine fellow

There are no places to go where you won’t get shot

It’s heartbreaking I know

Have a prayer and a thought

The caskets are small

Sobs ring through the air

But so many people simply don’t care

It isn’t the doors or the rap or the porn

It’s guns that force people to mourn

We need places to go where we won’t get shot

We need more than a prayer and a thought



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