What the Hell is Wrong With Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Seriously, how is this woman an elected official?

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3 min readMay 30, 2022
Image of Marjorie Taylor Greene by Saul Loeb with AFP

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a congresswoman from Georgia. People-actual people-elected Greene to office. Georgians walked into a voting booth and filled in the little circle by her name. On purpose.

Rep. Greene is a right-wing conspiracy theorist who believes the 2020 election was stolen and California wildfires were started by Jewish space lasers. She supports Q-Anon, she has a history of promoting violence against Democrats, she promoted the “Clinton Kill List,” and has called mass shootings “false flags.”

Over the weekend, however, Greene went completely off the rails, set the train on fire, then drove the train into the sun. She decided to sit down at a table with a giant microphone, and wax philosophical on monkeypox, gay sex, Bill Gates’ fake meat, the government zapping us if we eat a cheeseburger, emojis, and Peach Tree Dishes.

First, Bill Gates’ fake meat:

Bill Gates is growing fake meat in Peach Tree Dishes, and if you don’t eat it, President Biden is going to zap your spleen. Presumably with a Jewish space laser because this is where we live now we live here with this woman who thinks OH MY GOD I can’t.

Next, monkeypox I’m so sorry:

Um…I don’t even know where to start. I lost brain cells watching this so you’re welcome. Monkeypox is transmitted through gay sex. So gay monkeys are having sex with other gay monkeys and that gay monkey sex transmits monkeypox to humans? And are the gay monkeys having sex while jumping from tree to tree?

I would watch that nature documentary. David Attenborough would peer out from behind a wild rhododendron and whisper in his perfect British accent, “As we can see, Eddie and Michael have perfected leaping majestically from tree to tree while engaged in coitus.

In closing, I really believe we have taken this whole “anyone can grow up and be a politician” thing way too far. On an up note, Rep. Greene’s video inspired me to change my Twitter name to “ErinPeachTreeDishNanasi,” and people are sharing photos of their very own Peach Tree Dishes. This photo is from Wren on Twitter:

Image from Wren on Twitter

Wren has not tried growing fake meat in her Peach Tree Dish, but she promises to let us know as soon as she does.

This is my personal favorite, created by Cal Meacham, also on Twitter:

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Peach Tree Dish by Cal Meacham on Twitter

Let us end with a moment of silence for all the spleens that will be zapped by President Biden the next time we eat a cheeseburger. God Bless the Peach Tree Dish.



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